While the concept of Water Harvesting is well known, the Planting Water program takes the concept  many steps further.

That Water is essential to all life is so obvious it is sometimes overlooked.

The Planting Water program  places the theme of water where is should be, central to all development programs.

Through fully participative and innovative processes, the Planting Water Program works on a community wide basis to

  • Increase Water security, and in doing so greatly improve food security.
  • Recharge local aquafers
  • Rehabilitate river and stream-bank vegetation and forest areas.
  • Increase water infiltration throughout the community
  • Re-establish native vegetation areas, and thus enhance biodiversity.
  • Encourage the establishment of agroforestry trials.
  • Recuperate the soils.
  • Stop erosion and siltation of local stream banks.

The exact mixture of techniques used in a particular community will depend on the local conditions, local culture and needs and aspirations of the community itself.

Some of the more commonly useful techniques are listed here. As is a basic outline of the program (although each project will be tailored to suit the community conditions).

Some example projects can be viewed.

You can also check interesting articles on this theme, and of course there is a page of appropriate links.

For further information, or to support a project please contact Skye or the Permaculture Institute Cerrado-Pantanal (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brasil).  

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